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FOMO - Fearless Of Missing Out

Limited Edition of 30 each.

Let’s face it, technology and humanity are in a war and technology is, unfortunately and discreetly, winning the battles. Humanity is fearlessly missing out on some of life’s greatest moments. Our head is down, our eyes glazed, and our brain is sleeping. Let’s choose to put down the phone and look up because, if we don’t, life may just pass us by with no return.

Stay Harsh!


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Artwork status

Series: F.O.M.O.
Technique: Medium Format digital photography.
Subject: Light, Energy, Still life, Abstract.
Style: Conceptual, Minimalism, Fine Art, Modern.
Mediums: Colour photograph (giclée) on paper.

Print status

Print: Fine art digital print.
Ink: Ultrachrome pigment based lux.
Paper: Moab smooth matt 290gsm Fine art 100% cotton.
Finish: Hahnemühle Potective Spray.
Mounting: White Gatorfoam 5mm.
Frame: Banak Wood with anti glare glass.
Size: 24 x 18 in. (61 x 46 cms.).