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Libre Libro.

Limited Edition of 30 each.

Libre Libro, the second series from the collaberative art duo Harshtistas, confirms the notion that books are highly transformative. This series challenges the audience to think outside the box. To step into the possibility that maybe everything is not as simple as black or white. It warns that square, narrowminded thinking is restricted in its light. However, books eliminate these boundaries. They reward us with different perspectives, critical knowledge and an opportunity to flourish our minds into deeper awareness. They caste a light intensely more dynamic, abstract, and open minded. This is freedom. And it is with this mind, that allows for true prosperity.

Stay Harsh!

Artwork status

Series: Libre Libro.
Technique: Medium Format digital photography.
Subject: Still life, books.
Style: Conceptual, Minimalism, Fine Art, Modern.
Mediums: Colour photograph (giclée) on paper.

Print status

Print: Fine art digital print.
Ink: Pigment based lux.
Paper: Fine art 100% cotton photo enhanced mate.
Finish: Hahnemühle Potective Spray.
Mounting: White Gatorfoam 5mm.
Frame: Banak Wood with anti glare glass.
Size: 24 x 18 in. (61 x 45 cms.).